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Weiss Memorial Hospital
OMNI Medical Student Training
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For more information regarding the CS +CK Prep Courses, please contact our Coordinator:

Elba Santiago,  Student Coordinator

Weiss Memorial Hospital

OMNI Medical Student Training

4646 N. Marine Drive A4950

Chicago Ill 60640

Office: 773.564.6133

Cell: 773.564.6133

Omni Medical Student Training Program Founder

As the founder of the The OMNI Medical Student Training Program, Theresa Siaw has worked diligently to ensure that these students have housing and all the help they need when they come to the U.S. Currently they are working with Weiss Hospital and looking to set up other partnerships with other medical facilities in Chicago.

The OMNI Medical Student Training Program helps students who have trained at foreign medical schools to prepare for their first job in the United States.

Their main mission is to help integrate students from Caribbean countries to different hospitals in Chicago for their residency training. They work with three medical schools in the Caribbean and help up to 100 students each year. The OMNI Medical Student Training Program is an extension of OMNI Healthcare in Chicago with Theresa Siaw as the CEO/Founder of the program.

Read More about Theresa in “The Story Exchange”  – She Is Bringing Foreign Doctors to Underserved American Communities.

Elba Santiago Student Coordinator - OMNI Medical Student Training ProgramElba Santiago has been the Student Coordinator with the OMNI Medical Student Training Program for seven years, having started with the company in 2012. Elba is the equivalent of student mom to these students who spend two years at school on an island and then several more years doing rotations through the student training program. Elba is responsible for submitting student evaluations to the medical board, making sure students have the proper credentials and paperwork as well as placing students with doctors for their rotations. She serves as a counselor to the students as well as an all-around point person for the business.

Dr. Eric Mizuno Medical DirectorChicago-native, Dr. Eric Mizuno is a board-certified Internist, Associate Professor at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and Philanthropist who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Dr. Mizuno is an internationally recognized expert on geriatric and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including ABC 7, WGN News, and CBS 2 Chicago. Dr. Mizuno’s is ranked as one of the top three internists in Illinois. Additionally, when disaster struck New Orleans, Dr. Mizuno left his practice at Northwestern to help the victims and provided medical care for more than 5,000 victims. He is excited to be a part of the OMNI Medical Student Training Program team.